Graco Blossom 6-In-1 Review: The High Chair That Just Makes Everything Easier (2023)

I tested 10 high chairs as part of a larger review to find the best high chairs, and the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 easily came out on top. See why this highly adjustable high chair might also work for your family.

Baby registries are often full of what will turn out to be unnecessary purchases. But as a mom of soon-to-be 5 kids, I can tell you that a high chair is the single purchase I recommend to all of my pregnant friends. The best high chairs have a few common traits: they adapt to your growing child, they’re easy to clean and they seamlessly move around your home as needed. In evaluating 10 of the best high chair models (and considering quite a few others), the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 proved the most adaptable, easiest to use and clean and the best fitting chair for both babies and toddlers.

After speaking with a number of experts while reporting this piece, including a pediatrician and a pediatric physical therapist, they all agreed that every high chair should keep baby in a safe and ergonomic position for eating. For example, they should be seated with a 90-degree knee and hip bend with the feet flat on a footrest and the tray or table should be about at the baby’s belly button. Safety straps and a sturdy design should keep baby in, too. The Graco Blossom allowed for perfect positioning for both my toddler and a 6-month-old baby tester.

And because the “6-in-1” in the high chair’s name refers to the chair converting from an infant seat up through a multiple booster seat situation for an older child, with many options in between, this high chair can literally transform to fit many ages and sizes of babies at every stage of their eating adventure.

Graco Blossom 6-In-1 Convertible High Chair

Wheels: Yes | Collapsible: No | Removable tray: Yes | Booster convertible: Yes | Weight: 32.5 pounds | Seat weight maximum: 40 pounds (high chair); 60 pounds (booster seat) | Warranty: 1 year

Best for:

  • Parents who seek a highly adjustable and versatile high chair
  • Babies who prefer a soft chair over wood
  • Messy babies (aren’t they all?) who can do some damage at mealtime, because this chair is extra easy to clean

Skip if:

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  • You’re working with a smaller space and require a chair that folds
  • Prefer a more streamlined tray without dividing ridges or cup holder
  • You prefer non-plastic, wooden high chairs
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(Video) [Unbox] Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Highchair Unboxing and Assembly

The Workhorse Of The High Chair World

It’s definitely not the prettiest chair that I tested. But the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 is safe, sturdy, adjustable, convenient and you can be sure I can hold a writhing toddler while opening that tray with one hand. All of these features, along with the super affordable price, make it an optimal choice for most families.

Pediatrician Whitney Casares, a mom and the founder of Modern Mommy Doc, a resource for parents, explains just what to look for in a high chair, all of which the Graco Blossom offers. “Make sure to pick a high chair with a three or five-point harness... When babies are first starting solid foods, having a high chair with a removable tray can make it easier to clean,” she says. “Some high chairs can also adjust to fit your baby’s height and weight as they grow, making them more likely to last from babyhood to toddlerhood—and cheaper for parents long-term.”

The Graco has an eye on ease for the parent, taking one stressor off our long lists. For example, the newborn insert pops in and out without zippers, snaps or multistep processes. The tray moves in and out with one hand, and the tray cover pops off with one hand (and right into your dishwasher). These small but thoughtful conveniences make parents more likely to use this chair for years and through multiple children.

Ideal, Low-Fuss Features

Say your baby has literally baked oatmeal onto the fabric cover of this high chair. Removing it is simple enough to do while you hold the culprit in the other arm. It simply involves pulling off the cover, which uses tiny plastic pegs to click into the arm rests. This feature is exceptionally easier than other high chairs that had zippers and snaps, such as the Stokke Tripp Trapp, which I also tested and liked but which had a more complicated fabric removal and set-up process.

Other features on this Graco high chair are the same way: logical and simple, without really needing directions, which I appreciate as a busy parent. The infant insert wraps around the straps and sits vertically in the chair, cocooning your infant for more support and stability while they get those sit-me-up muscles firing in their early high chair days.

(Video) Graco Blossom High Chair: Unboxing and Setup

The Graco was also one of the easiest to wheel around the kitchen; it felt more like moving one of my strollers across the room vs. a typical awkward high chair.

This High Chair Is Easy To Get Baby In And Out

Not every high chair makes it easy to actually place your baby into it, get them situated and then to pull them back out. During testing, I ran into high chairs where I had to remove trays or reassemble complex buckles to strap a child in. Anyone who has handled a hungry (and screaming) baby knows this can spike any parent’s blood pressure. The Graco dispenses with this nonsense. In fact, it doesn’t even need the tray moved out to plop a baby in, and I have a chunky, not-so-young baby anymore at 18 months old. He seamlessly slid behind the contoured tray (brilliant—why are any of them straight across?) before being strapped in. The straps themselves start up high enough near his shoulders, rather than mid-back, so it’s easy to see what I’m doing and buckle him without a wriggling fight. I do wish the straps would stay slightly more assembled, like my splurge high chair pick, the Peg Perego Siesta, instead of completely separating all five sections of the straps though.

How Does The Graco Blossom 6-In-1 Compare To Other High Chairs?

Getting a mom of an 18-month-old and a mom of a 6-month-old to agree on the best high chairs wasn’t a small feat. I tested all 10 chairs with my toddler and then also with my neighbor’s 6-month-old. She often preferred high chair features that weren’t the same as what I was looking for with a toddler. Except for Graco. This was a mutual winner that sufficiently positioned the baby in an ergonomic position, allowing both children to sit securely, without too much side-to-side or front-to-back wiggle room. I loved that the tray got close enough to the baby for me to feel more secure and him to feel more comfortable, which was true with the younger baby as well. The baby’s mom commented that the footrest is just slightly too low even when adjusted for very small babies, but he will likely be growing into it in the next month or two, as it was just off a tiny bit. She also found it to be a sturdy chair that fit her child well.

The Graco Blossom was one of the simplest to clean with an easy to remove, washable fabric cover. It came off in a single piece with little issue. Among the other high chair contenders, it was most comparable to the Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1. However, the Chicco cost a bit more and also came with a trickier buckle system, wider footprint and less ergonomic positioning.

The Graco doesn’t fold away in an upright position for storage as my splurge high chair pick, the Peg Perego Siesta, does. The Siesta also has nine height adjustments compared to the Graco’s six and a higher-end look, but the two chairs otherwise have similar profiles in terms of features (removable tray), easy to roll wheels and footprint. The Graco 6-in-1 Blossom was simply a dream to use, though, and comes with all the best features, as well as a bonus booster seat and the option to transform the high chair into a toddler seat—and all with a price tag of about half the price of the splurge pick. The Peg Perego lacks a spare booster seat and toddler chair conversion, but it also didn’t seat our youngest tester at quite the right height; the tray was a bit too high. Go for the Siesta if you’re seeking a more chic aesthetic for an older baby but the Graco for everything else.

My Expertise

As a mom to four sons under 7, and another baby on the way, I’ve tested, hated and enjoyed my fair share of baby equipment, including high chairs. Most recently, I tested baby monitors and crib sheets for Forbes Vetted. Prior to testing these high chairs, I’ve owned many others in pursuit of the perfect chair. Also, as a professional review writer, I pride myself on extensive research of the market, always examining and testing new products as they come out. In addition, I interviewed three specialists for this article, including occupational and physical therapists, and pediatricians, to speak to just what to look for in the best high chairs.


How I Tested The High Chairs

Each high chair met its match, twice, with both my toddler tester and my friend’s 6-month-old baby boy, to ensure we were analyzing high chairs that would work for multiple ages. My toddler spent multiple meals in each high chair, where I adjusted settings and configurations to determine the best fit. I also collapsed and reopened high chairs, pushing and moving them around as well, to see how usable they’d be for parents on an everyday basis and how portable and easy each was to operate. I considered how adjustable each high chair was and whether or not it offered the ability to convert into a toddler chair or booster seat, so parents could get more mileage out of their purchase. I intentionally got these high chairs dirty and tested to see how easily they stained, and then I cleaned each with an eye for how simple or complex the job turned out. Because of course, nobody needs extra work in the daunting journey of parenting as it is.


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