PC Hardware in a Nutshell, Second Edition (2023)

A modernmotherboard includes some or all of the bus slot types shown in Figure 28-40. All motherboards provide PCI slots, mostprovide ISA slots (although the newest motherboards have no ISAslots), and many provide an AGP slot. You can install an expansioncard only in a slot that is designed to accept it, either ISA, PCI,or AGP. The best rule to follow is to avoid installing any ISA cardsif at all possible. If you have a choice between installing a PCIvideo card or an AGP video card, choose AGP. For everything else, usePCI.

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Figure28-40.An Intel SE440BX “Seattle” motherboard showing, from left to right, one ISA slot, one combined ISA/PCI slot (which can accept an ISA or a PCI card, but not both simultaneously), three PCI slots, and an AGP slot

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To install expansion cards:

  1. Decide where to install each expansion card. If you have more slotsthan cards, leave empty slots between cards to improve air flow andcooling. Video cards, particularly high-performance ones, generatesignificant heat, so always leave an unoccupied slot between thevideo card and adjacent cards if possible. Sound cards are alsosignificant heat sources, so give them second priority when jugglingempty slots.

  2. If your case came with slot covers preinstalled, remove and set aside the slot covers and screws for each position where you will install a card. You may find that removing ...

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