Wigfrid | Don't Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (2023)

I can’t deny that Wigfrid is my absolute favourite character inDon’t StarveandDon’t Starve Together.

As much as I love the ever so useful and versatile Wickerbottom, Wigfrid, who is also a stage performer, was the first character who got me out of my comfort zone and into battle. Though I will admit, Wigfrid in Don’t Starve Together (DST) is much more fun and useful than Wigfrid in single-playerDon’t Starve (DS, SW & HAM).

Wigfrid is the 7th character that can be unlocked in single-playerDon’t Starve and is part of theReign of Giants (RoG)DLC. As you can guess, Wigfrid is immediately playable inDon’t Starve Together (DST).

Wigfrid spawns in with a Battle Spear, Battle Helm and 4 Meat in all forms ofDon’t Starve (DS, RoG, DST, SW & HAM).Players may find it weird to spawn in with food, but because Wigfrid is a strict carnivore and will not eat any non-meat foods, players would otherwise have to engage in battle the first night.


Wigfrid has some stats that are just below average though her Special Powers make up for it. Wigfrid’s Hunger and Sanity are both 120, while Wigfrid’s Health sits at a high 200 Health.

Although Wigfrid’s Hunger and Sanity are lower than the default, Wigfrid does not have any other Modifiers that negatively affect either.

Wigfrid | Don't Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (1)


Wigfrid is the only character inDon’t Starve (DS, RoG, SW & HAM), andDon’t Starve Together (DST) who has a form of “life-steal” on their kit. The only other character that has healing on their kit is Wortox.

In single-playerDon’t Starve, Wigfrid will receive Health and Sanity back whenever she kills an enemy. Receiving some extra health while in battle can help extend battle and will come in especially useful when against swarms of mobs like Spiders. Although Wigfrid isn’t as good at are, she does hold her ground better than most characters.

Wigfrid’s “life-steal” is much more powerful inDon’t Starve Togetheras Wigfrid will receive Health and Sanity back from every hit against a mob. Receiving Health and Sanity per hit makes Wigfrid especially powerful against seasonal bosses, which have more Health in DST.

Wigfrid’s “life-steal” inDon’t Starve Together is especially useful for new players who are still trying to learn the kiting mechanics while fighting against tough mobs. My biggest piece of advice? Don’t get reliant on Wigfrid’s “life-steal” because chances are you will end up dead. Learn to kite as soon as you can and extend your life even more!

Wigfrid’s “life-steal” will scale based on how much damage she deals towards enemies, healing her for more if she has a stronger weapon.

The formula for Wigfrid’s Health and Sanity gain is currently the following:

Damage towards Mob × 0.25 × (original damage ÷ Mob’s Health)

I will say though, having a “life-steal” mechanic on Wigfrid is especially useful when you run out of food and have to eat Monster Meat. While you lose Health and Sanity, you gain Hunger, and you can quickly get the lost Health and Sanity by battling again! Thanks, Klei!


Although Wigfrid doesn’t have the highest Damage Modifier, as Wolfgang has the highest at 2x, her Damage Modifier is pretty significant. Wigfrid has a base Damage Modifier of 1.25x and does not require Wigfrid players to do anything to access. The 25% Damage boost that Wigfrid receives applies to both Melee and Ranged attacks.

Wigfrid will also receive 25% less damage than the default, making her a bit tankier than other characters. Pair this up with Wigfrid’s self-heal, and you may get to be as tanky as WX-78 but in a different way.


By far, Wigfrid has some of the strongest early-game, mainly due to her coming with a whole new Battle Helm. Wigfrid’s Battle Helm, which only requires 2 Gold Nugget & 2 Rocks to craft, gives players 80% Damage Reduction and has 750HP inDon’t Starve (DS, SW & HAM)and 525 HP inDon’t Starve Together (DST).

The Battle Helm is arguably better and more efficient than the Football Helmet, which gives the same protection, though it costs 1 Pigskin and 1 Rope (3 Cut Grass). The Football Helmet can be difficult to construct as Pig Skin only has a 25% chance to drop unless a Wildbore/Pig House or Wildbore/Pig Head is Hammered. Players can also kill a Werepig for a 100% drop chance, though this will require some battle skill and knowledge of Pig mechanics. Either way, it’s not worth it because Football Helmets only have 450 HP inDon’t Starve (DS, SW & HAM) and 315 HP inDon’t Starve Together (DST).

The Battle Helm can be traded out as soon as players have the resources to craft better armour.

(Video) CAN WIGFRID RUSH THE RUINS? | Don't Starve Together Guide

The same thing can be said about theBattle Spear, which does 42.5 Damage. I usually trade out my Battle Spear for aTentacle Spike as soon as I can and later for aHam Bat, though I would set up a Pig farm first so you have a neverending supply of Meat and Pig Skin.

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Gold Nuggets are going to be the most valuable resource you have to farm when playing Wigfrid inDon’t Starve. Wigfrid’s Battle Helm and Battle Spear need 2 Gold Nuggets to craft, though I would still recommend ditching the Battle Spear early.

Crafting Battle Helms for your team is going to be game-changing in Don’t Starve Together. On our server, not everyone likes to fight, but the Battle Helm still comes in handy for those players because in Don’t Starve, you never know when something might come after you.

While Gold Nuggets seem finite, there are a few easy ways you can get the Gold Nuggets you need. The easiest way to get Gold Nuggets is by exchanging resources like Morsels, Drumsticks, Eggs, or “Gravedigger Items” to the Pig King. When you get to the mid-game, a lot of the items you can exchange with the Pig King are easily accessible, so it might be a wise choice to camp by him.

Gold Nuggets can also be farmed when players are ready to adventure into the Caves, which can be accessed through a (Plugged) Sinkhole. Players can mine down or wait for Earthquakes; however, Gold Nuggets aren’t only found on the surface!


Since Wigfrid can only eat Meat, players can quickly find themselves in some problems.

Start by picking/digging Berry Bushes as any other character would, but try to find Pigs or Spiders on the map as soon as possible. Farm as many Monster Meat or Meat as you can so that when you base, you have loads of food choices.

Planting Berry Bushes in your base will give you a surprising amount of Meat. Gobblers have a 10% chance to spawn when a Berry Bush is picked and will always drop 2 Drumsticks.

I strongly encourage basing next to Pigs as Wigfrid, as Meat can be cooked on fire without the use of a Crock Pot. Pigs are also harder to move around on the map, in comparison to Spiders who can be moved anytime their nest becomes Tier-3, which is timed anyways.

Even if you don’t end up camping next to the Pigs by the Pig King, there are tons of areas that have Pigs for you to kill, making getting food for Wigfrid plain and straightforward.

BUT, I can’t stress how important it is to have aCrock Pot with Wigfrid. Since Wigfrid can eat meals that are partially meat, she can enjoy meals like Meatballs with her fellow castmates. Wigfrid’s top foods would beMeatballsfor Hunger andHoney Ham for Health. Since Wigfrid can’t eat foods like Taffy, Trail Mix, and Cooked Cactus Flesh, she will heavily rely on Honey when it comes to healing foods.

Wigfrid doesn’t have the luxury of snacking as other players do. Wigfrid players can craft themselves aDrying Rack to makeJerky which gives players 25 Hunger, 15 Sanity and 20 Health. Jerky also takes 20 Days to rot, making it a lot more long-lasting than Cooked Meat. The only issue with munching on Jerky is that it takes 2 Days for Meat to dry, so get yourself loads of Drying Racks. Jerky is the only food that gives Wigfrid a steady supply of all stats, so get to drying in the Autumn so you can use them come the Winter.


Lots of Pigs Nearby (Preferably in Your Base)

Always Have Spiders Nearby in Case. Transplant as Necessary

Make Sure to Set-Up Bee Boxes Before the End of Autumn

Collect Berry Bushes all Autumn and Use Berry Fillers in Winter

Build Farms During Winter to Use in Spring

Smack as Much Shit as You Can to Stay Healthy & Sane All Year Round.

Wigfrid | Don't Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (3)

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I would recommend making the Winter Koalefant a priority kill in your Winters with Wigfrid. Since Wigfrid can essentially pump out Battle Helms like nobody’s business, Wigfrid should rely on chest armour for insulation.

Players can craft themselves a Puffy Vestwith theWinter Koalefant Trunk, which provides the best Insulation in Don’t Starve (RoG & DST). The Puffy Vest can also be repaired using a Sewing Kit, making it extra appealing.


Remember how I told you to head down into the caves so you could get yourself some extra gold? Well, while you’re down there, make sure that you aren’t carrying any meat on you, especially by the Bunnymen.

Bunnymen, much like Pigs, spawn from homes called a Rabbit Hutch. Bunnymen are incredibly useful to farm; however, they can also be befriended when given a Carrot. The only downfall to Bunnymen is that they attack players who are carrying any foods with Meat in them. It doesn’t matter if the food is Pierogies; these Bunnymen are out to get you!

Players can avoid being attacked by Bunnymen if they store their Meat in Chester, Making Snow Chester quite appealing.


As you may have guessed, Wickerbottom is going to be a useful pairing to Wigfrid. Wickerbottom will make sure that Wigfrid has enough fillers to make Meatballs, Honey Ham, and Honey Nuggets. While Wigfrid can do reasonably well on her own with Berry Bushes and Improved Farms, nothing beats a Wickerbottom.

Although not necessary, Wigfrid can also pair up with Wendy, because of how quickly she can take down and set up Bee Boxes.

An alternative choice can be pairing Wigfrid up with either Wolfgang or WX-78 for extra Damage and Tankiness when against bosses and mobs with lots of Health. Wigfrid players can swap in and out with either Wolfgang or WX-78 to take aggro if the teammate needs time to heal, as neither has a “life-steal” like WIgfrid.

Finally, Wigfrid is extremely useful with Wortox as both her “life-steal” and his healing will make sure that Wigfrid is up for the longest period of time. A dead DPS means no DPS.


I have to be honest when saying that I never expected Wigfrid to get a character refresh, especially this early, though it’s undeniable that her refresh brought her a number of perks that will further help out her team.

Wigfrid now has access to an Inspiration meter, which can be activated when she deals damage to enemies.

Wigfrid will gain about 3 Inspiration points for every 100 damage she deals to normal mobs, though fighting bosses such as the Ancient Guardian, Ancient Herald, Antlion, Bearger, Bee Queen, Crab King, Deerclops, Dragonfly, Klaus, Moose/Goose, Reanimated Skeleton, Shadow Pieces Spider Queen, Toadstool or Treeguard will increase Wigfrid’s Inspiration meter by about 9 Inspiration points.

The maximum amount of Inspiration Wigfrid can acquire at a time is 99.

It should be noted that Wigfrid will gain less Inspiration the more Inspiration she gains, though players can use the following formula if they wish to calculate Wigfrid’s Inspiration gain:

Wigfrid’s damage × 0.03 × (1 – current Inspiration) (×3 if Boss)

If Wigfrid remains out of combat for 7.5 seconds she will begin losing 2 Inspiration per second.

Wigfrid will also lose Inspiration if she is damaged, though the amount of inspiration Wigfrid loses will scale based on how much damage she takes as well as how much Inspiration she currently has. The following is the formula players can use if they want to calculate how much Inspiration Wigfrid loses from damage:

Wigfrid’s health loss × 0.03 × (1 – current Inspiration)

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Players will be happy to know that Wigfrid is actually more of a team player these days, providing her team with buffs when crafting songs using her Stagecraft Tab.

Not only will Wigfrid buff her friends, but Wigfrid will also be able to buff friendly allies such as Pigs, Merms and Beefalo.

Wigfrid will only be able to sing Battle Songs if she has enough Inspiration, though players will be happy to know that she only needs 16.6 Inspiration to sing her first song, 50 Inspiration to sing her second song and 83.3 Inspiration to sing her third.

Players will be able to tell whether they are able to sing a song based on the little notches on her Inspiration meter.

While players are not required to sing multiple songs at a time, it is handy to have multiple buffs, especially if players are up against tough baddies. Players should keep in mind that Wigfrid will not be able to stack the same song twice and instead must use different songs in hopes of providing herself and others big buffs.

It should be noted that Battle Songs have an infinite use and players will not be required to craft the songs multiple times unless said Battle Song is lost or destroyed.

Although Wigfrid can sing a maximum of 3 songs, she has access to a total of 5 Regular Battle Songs and 2 Instant Battle Songs. If Wigfrid tries to sing more than 3 Battle Songs, nothing will occur other than a special animation.

The following are all of Wigfrid’s craftable Battle Songs.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Sewing Kit

Upon activating the Weaponized Warble all weapons in range will use 25% less durability.

The Weaponized Warble does not cost any Inspiration, however, it still requires a minimum amount of Inspiration to activate.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Life Giving Amulet

Upon activating the Heartrending Ballad, players in the area will gain 1 Health per attack, while Wigfrid herself will gain 0.5 Health per attack.

It should be noted that if there are multiple Wigfrid on a server, the other Wigfrids will also only receive 0.5 Health per attack.

The Heartrending Ballad does not cost any Inspiration, however, it still requires a minimum amount of Inspiration to activate.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil, and 1 Moon Moth Wing.

Upon activating the Clear Minded Cadenza, players will gain 1 Sanity per hit landed on an enemy.

The Clear Minded Cadenza does not cost any Inspiration, however, it still requires a minimum amount of Inspiration to activate.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Thulecite Medallion.

(Video) Ultimate Beginner Survival Guide (ALL Seasons) Don't Starve Together

Upon activating the Bel Canto of Courage players will receive 50% less Sanity drain from Insanity auras.

The Bel Canto of Courage does not cost any Inspiration, however, it still requires a minimum amount of Inspiration to activate.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Spittlefish.

Upon activating the Fireproof Falsetto players will receive 33% less damage from any source of fire damage.

The Fireproof Falsetto does not cost any Inspiration, however, it still requires a minimum amount of Inspiration to activate.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Toma Root.

Upon activating the Rude Interlude all nearby enemies will be forced to aggro Wigfrid, essentially forcing the enemies to become hostile.

As the Rude Interlude is considered an Instant Battle Song, it requires 16 Inspiration in order to activate it, effectively consuming the 16 Inspiration.


Crafted using 1 Papyrus, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Purple Gem.

Upon activating the Startling Soliloquy, all nearby enemies will panic for 4 seconds, essentially forcing the enemies to become vulnerable in hopes of dealing more damage safely.

As the Startling Soliloquy is considered an Instant Battle Song, it requires 16 Inspiration in order to activate it, effectively consuming the 16 Inspiration.


If players are looking for more stats from food when it comes to Wigfrid, they should really feed her Turkey Dinner.

Turkey Dinner requires:

2 Turkey Leg

1 Meat

1 Vegetable or Fruit

Instead of providing 75 Hunger, they will provide Wigfrid with 90 Hunger.


Love her. Need her. I think Wigfrid is one of the most underrated characters for beginners. The only downfall I see to Wigfrid is her need for Meat in her food, and really the issue isn’t farming the Meats, the problem is knowing the recipes.

Often in multiplayer settings, such asDon’t Starve Together (DST), a player will learn the recipes which are the most useful to all team-members, sometimes not realizing that Wigfrid may require something else. So, if you are going to choose Wigfrid, make sure you know your own diet, ’cause you’re not hopping onto the vegan/vegetarian trend.

(Video) Ultimate Ruins Rush Guide (ALL Characters) Don't Starve Together

So, I’m curious, are you as into Wigfrid as I am? Do you also wish that Wigfrid had some better Skins inDST? Just me? Let me know in the comments below!


Is Wigfrid good in DST? ›

While being described as excellent in combat, Wigfrid's bonuses are outclassed by those of other characters; most also have higher Hunger and Sanity while lacking her inability to eat non-meat foods.

What is the best food source for Wigfrid? ›

Producing foods like jerky or bacon and eggs will help, because Wigfrid will constantly have to keep snacking every day in order to get the most out of foods. When starting off, it may be hard to keep Wigfrid from starving while meat is drying.

What is the max stats for WX-78? ›

WX-78's Health, Hunger, and Sanity are all set to a maximum of 100 points, but it's able to eat Gears to upgrade these stats to 400, 200, and 300, respectively. Being a machine, it takes damage when it is in the Rain unprotected.

What is the best weapon for Wigfrid? ›

The Battle Spear is a weapon exclusive to Wigfrid that deals 42.5 damage per hit and has 200 uses. Wigfrid starts the game with this weapon and is able to craft it, as well. Since it is Wigfrid-exclusive, it can deal 53.125 with her.

Who is the most powerful character in DST? ›

By far the strongest character in Don't Starve Together is Wolfgang, who when properly fed receives a maximum of 2x Damage. Wolfgang also receives maximum health of 300.

Can Wigfrid eat ice cream? ›

In Don't Starve Together, after the A Little Drama and QOL update, Ice Cream got classified as "Goodies", thus Wigfrid can eat it.

Can Wigfrid eat jelly salad? ›

This is a great food for Wigfrid players, since it restores a large amount of Sanity, and Wigfrid cannot eat Cooked Green Caps.

Can Wigfrid eat jelly beans? ›

Eating multiple Jellybeans will not stack the healing effects. Wigfrid is capable of eating Jellybeans, despite it not being meat.

Can WX 78 create circuits? ›

The Beanbooster Circuit is an upgrade Circuit that can only be crafted by WX-78. It requires 8 Bio Data, 1 Royal Jelly and 1 Super-Processing Circuit to craft. The Bee Queen must be scanned by a Bio Scanalyzer before WX-78 can craft it. Plugging in a Beanbooster Circuit uses three slots.

Can Wigfrid eat monster meat? ›

In a pinch, Monster Meat can be eaten to stay alive, at a cost. However, Wigfrid can viably use Cooked Monster Meat as a food source, mainly because she has a health and sanity regeneration effect when fighting.

Can Wigfrid eat volt goat jelly? ›

Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, while not being a meat item, can still be eaten by Wigfrid.

What is the strongest melee weapon in DST? ›

The Dark Sword deals 68 damage per hit and has 100 uses. It also drains 20 Sanity per minute (while equipped), but is the strongest melee weapon in the game (Tied with Shipwrecked DLC Cutlass Supreme). The Cutlass Supreme deals 68 damage per hit and has 150 uses.

What is the best meal in DST? ›

Trail Mix is one of the best early game food sources in Don't Starve Together since it only requires 1x Roasted Birchnut, 1x Berry, and 1x Fruit Filler. Furthermore, players who eat Trail Mix as Walter will recover an extra +15 Hunger, making it even better.

What is the easiest boss in DST? ›

Deerclops is almost always the first giant you'll face, I agree the Goose/Moose is the easiest but Deerclops is not that hard, you only need a Ham Bat and to be safe a log suit and a footbal helmet... You can tank it or you can hit n run. The choice depends on what character you'll be using. can i use battle helmet?

Who is the hardest character to play in don t Starve Together? ›

After playing them all, I really believe the answer is Woody. There is just so much potential for disaster to occur during / after werebeaver change. Even worse I think is just how much more selective and pre planning you will need to go to the ruins with him.

What rots the fastest in DST? ›

The food with the shortest perish time is Lichen, turning to Rot after just 2 days. The food with the longest perish time is the Powdercake, which turns to Rot after 18,750 days. In the Shipwrecked DLC, Brainy Matter takes 1 day to turn to Rot. In Don't Starve Together, Cooked Juicy Berries spoil in 1 day.

Why do all DST characters start with W? ›

Maxwell's real name is William, and Charlie's name doesn't start with a M despite here being the antagonist in DST. The W names was something that happened by accident at first and Klei just decided to roll with it.

Who is the main antagonist in Dont Starve? ›

In Don't Starve Together, Charlie serves as the main antagonist of the world, carrying on after Maxwell's reign while still being the night monster.

Can Wigfrid drink coffee? ›

In the Shipwrecked DLC, she is unable to drink Coffee and thus misses out on the massive speed bonus.

Can Wigfrid eat beefy greens? ›

Beefy Greens technically count as a Meat item in DST, making Wigfrid accept it as food while Wurt and Beefalo refuse to eat it.

Can Wigfrid eat taffy? ›

Wigfrid's downside is that, with the very few exceptions of event foods and jellybeans, she is only able to eat meat-based items.

What should not be added to gelatin salad? ›

Do not add raw pineapple or papaya to gelatin salads. These fruits contain enzymes that dissolve the gelatin. If cooked or canned, however, these fruits may be included.

Why did people eat jello salad? ›

Jello salads are a common feature of US communal meals such as potlucks, most probably because they are inexpensive and easy to prepare.

How do you make surf and turf don't starve? ›

Surf 'n' Turf is a Meat item bundled with the Shipwrecked DLC (now available in Don't Starve Together). It's cooked in the Crock Pot by adding any Meats and Fishes with a total Fish/Seafood value of 1.5 or higher and a total Meat value of all the ingredients of 2.5 or higher.

What does Wigfrid do in don't starve? ›

Wigfrid deals 25% more damage with attacks (such as with Weapons) and takes 25% less damage from any source. She also starts with, and can craft, both a Battle Spear and a Battle Helm.

What is the most powerful weapon in don t Starve? ›

A shadow Manipulator is needed for a prototype. To craft it, players need five Nightmare Fuel and one Living Log. This weapon does 68 damage with 100 durability. It does cost 20 Sanity a minute while equipped, however, it is one of the strongest weapons in the game.

What is the better weapon in DST? ›

The Ham Bat is one of the strongest weapon in the game, and its durability is basically infinite, not until it completely spoils to Rot. Because of this, it makes for a good choice when fighting against bosses which are resilient, killing consecutive enemies, or when setting off for a long journey.

How much damage does Wigfrid Spear do? ›

Wigfrid's specialty, her all-too-realistic prop the Battle Spear. Providing a decent 42.5 damage and 200 uses, this weapon arrives with Wigfrid and is readily available for her to craft with two Twigs, two Flint and two Gold.


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